Will the SD Nightengale finish in time for AX?

So, this past week I’ve been working quite a bit on this project. Granted if I had spent this amount of energy earlier on the damn thing it would have been long completed by now. The same could be said for many a projects sitting on the workbench, below the workbench, to the side of the workbench, etc. Well, it’s crunch time and I didn’t really expect to get the sucker finished by AX. I was positive that I would have it done by Otakon. Well, at the time of this posting, all I have left are the decals, panel lines and little bits of detail painting. So, effectively, I could possibly get the little bastard done tomorrow and show it at AX.


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SD Nightengale Progress

So a few weeks ago, I started working on this project, then real life and general laziness took over as usual. The thing is littered with seams and there are a few spots where the molding process left some ugliness in the plastic. There are quite a few things that need to be fixed on this guy before I can even spray the first coats of primer. I haven’t even gotten the entire thing sanded and snapped. Little snags here and there are slowing the progress.


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