A small update with some work on the Velvet kit. The process of priming, putty, sanding, and repriming continues. A cast iron surface texture is applied to the chain. I helped out a friend with a home made bong, and also posted up some videos of Duke playing with Hugo, Beanie, and a towel.

Returning to the primed parts, some of the rough areas and missed spots need fixing. The rough areas are sanded down and some newly found bubbles are cut open, filled with the light curing putty, then sanded smooth. The parts are ready to be checked with another priming session. This process can be fairly tedious and repetitive; but the results are definitely worth it.

Next up is the chain part. Because of how this particular part was casted, there are tons of surface imperfections, excess resin, and horrific mold lines in the chain. Most of the rough spots have been sanded and removed. The defects are even more prevalent after the initial priming session. I took care of most of the defects however I did not take as much care as with the other parts since I planned for a cast iron texture. Using Mr Surfacer 500 and a stiff dry brushing brush; the primer is stippled onto the surface of the chain to create the texture. Once cured over night, I will do a rough sanding to smooth out and blend everything together.

In the middle of all this, I also helped a friend with his home made bong. The vase was drilled into, and the hole was widened with some grinding tools taking care not to crack or shatter the vase. With the hole wide enough for the stem to fit, the stem was glued into place with 5 minute epoxy glue, once set, the bong was ready for use. This was the first attempt at making a home made glass bong, and so the process for drilling the hole chipped some of the glass around the hole and created a fracture in the vase. Taking care during the grinding process, the fracture didn’t grow or work to shatter the vase.

And finally, from a week or so ago, a few video clips of Duke playing with Hugo and Beanie.

Duke chasing Beanie around; and if you see where Hugo is standing, at this point, he’s still a little wary of Duke; so he’s been keeping his distance from Duke.

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Here, Hugo is finally starting to warm up to Duke and here is a video of him playing with Duke, trying to get Duke to chase him around the living room.

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Duke playing tug-a-war with a towel.

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  1. Lycantivis

    the second video is so funny. Would be like to beanie to just sit and bark while hugo and duke have fun…

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