Asagi is progressing fairly smoothly. For the skin areas, Mr White base was sprayed, followed by the base skin tone. The eyes were masked off after the white base was sprayed. Progress is moving along nicely; and pending any snags, this kit should be completely relatively quickly.

asagi_prog 063_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 068_jpg.jpg

More pictures of the painted skin parts, and a back view of Asagi’s main body. I’m still not completely sold on spraying white base first prior to the skin tone. I’m not sure there is a tonal difference. However, with the white base, I do find that I don’t have to spray as much base skin tone to cover the part when it is sprayed over the white base as opposed to just spraying the base skin tone over the gray primer.

asagi_prog 065_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 066_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 069_jpg.jpg

I created test strips for a color comparison on plastic sheets to help me decide on the clothing color I want for the figure. In the below pictures, the top strip in the first picture uses the same paint technique but with different base metallics. The left side is done using a clear purple mix sprayed over Alclad polished aluminum. The left side is the same clear purple mix sprayed over Finisher’s chrome.

The next picture has a longer strip, starting from the left, I have Alclad prismatic scarabeus, followed by alclad prismatic shapphire, followed by the clear purple mix sprayed over alclad chrome, then finally a mixture of pearl powders and Mr super clear gloss sprayed right over the gloss black base.

asagi_prog 077_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 078_jpg.jpg

The prismatic colors are a little too grainy for my liking, especially for the scale of the figure. I want something a little smoother. The section of clear purple over alclad chrome is a little problematic as I didn’t allow the alclad to cure before spraying on the clear purple, and there was a slight reaction with the paints. The pearl powders over the gloss black is a nice effect, but again, too grainy and too dark. I settled on the clear purple over alclad polished aluminum as it gave a darker tone than the chrome.

The base color for the hair pieces was painted. And stemmed from the above test swatches, I sprayed on alclad polished aluminum over a gloss black base for the main body color.

asagi_prog 072_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 073_jpg.jpg

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