Last night’s work on Asagi consisted of the second layers of paint. The main body and skin pieces were treated to the lighter shade of skin tone. Coming from my mecha building techniques, I use a pre-shading method with a darker base color followed by a lighter color to create shading effects. In the below pictures, the first picture is shows the lighter skin tones on highlight areas. Once I have all the areas highlighted, I pull the airbrush back from the parts, raise the air pressure, and mist on the lighter color to blend everything and soften some of the more contrasting areas.

asagi_prog 080_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 083_jpg.jpg

Next up, I sprayed on the mixture of clear purple made from clear red and clear blue from gsi’s Mr color line of lacquer paints. The polished aluminum pieces were first lightly buffed with a micro fiber cloth to remove any left over dust that may have collected over night or left over paint dust that may be on the surface. The purple was slowly layered on.

asagi_prog 096_jpg.jpg

The hair also got the second layer of paint color. Using Finisher’s Lavender, the hair was highlighted then blended, same technique used on the skin parts. After painting, a flat clear coat was sprayed to finish the pieces.

asagi_prog 098_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 107_jpg.jpg

The last bit of work tonight was spraying a clear gloss of the skin pieces. The narcissist in me has to put my stupid logo somewhere as a tattoo on my resin figures; so to keep the skin tone uniform, all the pieces need to be clear coated in the gloss. The smooth gloss surface helps the decal stick to the surface and helps to hide the edges of the decal. Once the decal is applied, a decal setting solution (Mr. Mark Softer) is applied to help melt away the edges and soften the decal so that it better conforms to the curvy surface.

asagi_prog 103_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 113_jpg.jpg

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