Last night saw very little paint work as I sprayed areola detail and the final flat clear coat over the main body’s skin areas to seal in the decal as well as flatten the skin tone to match that of the other skin parts. These parts will need a few days to cure before I move on towards masking and painting the rest of the kit. So tonight was the perfect night to do the nylon stockings…

asagi_prog 117_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 135_jpg.jpg

I have a local cloth shop that sells this nylon tulle, so I have a rather decent stock of the materials for resin figures. Yes, it did seem a little creepy to the rather uptight ladies that ran the shop when I was inquiring about the material and purchasing it. Being rather excited that I found the stuff locally and that I was buying it didn’t help things either. And when asked about the use, I can’t even remember the little fib I told just to keep other questions from arising whilst trying to keep the creepy factor as low as possible. I don’t think I was overly successful.

Regardless, we start with the materials. The nylons were then cut to small workable pieces measured against the parts that the nylons will eventually be placed upon. I use pins to hold the pieces together, while I run them through the sewing machine.

asagi_prog 121_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 122_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 124_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 126_jpg.jpg

A triple stretch stitch was used for added strength on the stretchy material. Yes, I know how to sew… doesn’t every man? Hmm.. I suddenly feel the creepy factor coming back… Well, I made little socks for the pieces, and the parts just slip into the socks. With the nylon socks tested, I went and trimmed all the excess materials as close to the sewn seam as possible. Then the socks were flipped inside out so that the small excess was on the inside and the outside is a uniform stitch. I did a quick test fit with some of the ajoining pieces of the kit that is in the above pictures.

asagi_prog 129_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 134_jpg.jpg

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  1. tetsujin

    When you start sewing tiny silk panties for the figures, that’s when I’ll start to worry. :D

  2. GameraBaenre

    Um.. uh… well, I had to cover the naughty bits you see… so… um.. yeah, no getting out of this is there… :D

  3. charlie

    are you sure these aren’t for you?

  4. GameraBaenre

    If I ever get skinny enough to fit into the little stocking socks, check my teeth for enamel decay… (bulimia joke for those that done get it)..

    But yes, the mini panties ARE mine… ALL MINE!

  5. gundamjehutykai

    ah, so that was what you were talking about when explaining about the fabric parts being easy on this kit!

    Unfortunately, I went for the other asagi kit which doesn’t have such luxuries. Mine’s going to be a tad harder since the flesh parts are molded with the rest of the arms.

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