Hooray for me! My 1/144 Wave Quebeley placed first in an online contest over at E2046.com. Granted there were not many entries in the Mecha category in comparison to the Figures and Diorama, so the competition wasn’t too big – however it was some rather tough competition with the entries. I had pretty much acquiesced that I probably wouldn’t even place in the Mecha category or the Figure category (I entered the Dark Elf to the Figures Category); so the little email I got last night saying that I not only placed but took first place was quite a shock. The figures and diorama’s categories were amazing. Next competition, I’ll have to up my game on the figures and enter a diorama.

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  1. Brice

    Congrats on 1st place!

  2. gamerabaenre

    OOo, someone’s actually reading this site. Thanks!

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