So person A makes a rather idiotic comment in a thread on a message board regarding the possible 100th MG kit that will be released this summer. I usually ignore such inane and uneducated comments, but I felt the sudden urge to reply and completely dismantle the guy’s idiot comment.

In response, person A then proceeds to dig an even bigger hole that is the depth of his lack of intelligence – stating his reasons for making such idiotic comments. Wow, simply wow. I didn’t know one was capable of making themselves look even more retarded then they first were, but I was sorely incorrect. Insult to injury, the guy decided to “call me out” Suggesting that since we’re both Californians living in So Cal, that we take this “internet argument” into reality. Wow, so this guy, after being called out on his own stupidity, wants to meet a complete stranger and fight about words written on a message board about Gundam models. In the guy’s defense, he’s 19, but still, I don’t think I was even half this retarded when I was that age.

People really need to just step back from things and not take everything so damn personal. If your feelings got hurt from words written on a message board; you have bigger issues than what someone on the other end of a computer monitor thinks about you. If you want to read more about this little and still on going situation. Click here, link goes to the thread over at the HobbyFanatics forums.

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