Prompted by a thread over at HobbyFanatics that began with a question on wiring schematics for a setting up a spray booth, the discussion turned towards recommendations for good spray booth fans. When asked the question, I replied that I had seen several very well done spray booths that utilized Range Hoods (typically seen in the kitchen over the stove). Since I drew up the simple wiring schematic I used for my spray booth, I ended up drawing out a possible design for a new spray booth using a 30″ range hood as the main venting system.
Sunday morning, I went out and bought some raw materials for the booth, and Sunday evening I started building and finished the thing. More information on the booth can be found here: Spray Booth ver 3.0 Just goes to show that everything can be improved upon. Hopefully this current version of my spray booth will last me a while. I cannot wait to spray some paint and see how it works later this week.

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