On Monday, I finally received my missing part for the 1/6 Young Hip Cover Girl Orchid Seed Wonder Festival Winter 2007 kit. Damn that was a mouthful. I had received the kit a while back in the first half of March; however upon opening up the box and dry fitting things I noticed that I had a duplicate part in place of the actual part. After contacting the manufacturer, I was able to send them the duplicate, and then have them send the replacement part to a proxy service (Tokyo Hunter), and finally having the part shipped out to me.

So, now there’s a new issue. This kit can be build in two versions, and only one of the two versions can be built completely; there is no feasible method for building the kit in such a way as to swap version out. The question I have now is which version should I build? I created a progress page for the kit: 1/6 Young Hip Cover. Now I can build her in version 1, with the shirt covering half of her chest and seductively lifting her right side to expose the right breast. Or I can build version 2 with the shirt completely rolled up exposing both breasts. So I bring the question to you, which version should I build?

I will also note that I won’t be progressing on the kit until I finish my current projects I have on my plate. I just wanted to pin her and then get some dialog on which version to complete.

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  1. James

    I would Go with the half covering. Leaves more to the imagination. More interesting that way.

    Can’t wait to see it.

  2. Riley

    Most of the time I would vote for half covered, but in this case I think it makes the upper torso look slightly distorted. Why does the mech look so good with transplants?

  3. gamerabaenre

    I posted the question for the half or full rack issue on a forum at hobbyfanatics and there is an overwhelming response towards the half covered look. I also realize that there is a third option, no shirt, but then I think the shirt adds a good level of detail and it’s more work to get the shirt on. For now I’m still debating.
    Heh, it was an afterthought to add boobies to the Gundam. Guess it’s more of a inclination to build the half covered and then have the full set of boobies to add to kits such as mecha and stuff. Something completely random…

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