Now that the skin has had a day to cure, I move on to the next step. The narcissist in me needs to put my stupid tattoo logo on all my figure kits, so the first step towards that is to spray a clear gloss coat onto the skin. I sprayed all the skin tone with the clear gloss even though I will only be applying the decal in one area. The reason for spraying all the skin areas is to keep consistency in tone. The first picture below shows the upper torso clear coated, notice that the tone is darker now. A clear gloss will darken the tone, and conversely, a flat coat will lighten the tone. So to keep everything uniform, I gloss coated everything. The gloss coat needs to cure, then I can apply the decal tomorrow (I haven’t decided where I want to put the decal yet…) Then the following day, I can apply a flat coat, then wait another day for the flat to fully cure and set up before I mask off the kit to paint the rest of the parts such as the feet, hair, and body wrap. Patience comes into play because it is imperative that I allow each coat to fully cure for a full day or longer.

kanu1_6_prog 175_jpg.jpg kanu1_6_prog 176_jpg.jpg

Not sure if it is noticeable in pictures, but I sprayed a clear semi gloss mixed in with micro pearl powders for a small little pearlescent sheen. The red parts are now completed.

kanu1_6_prog 178_jpg.jpg kanu1_6_prog 179_jpg.jpg

Now to occupy my time while the gloss coat cures and I do small details and allow those to cure, this kit came in the mail yesterday…This is a 1/6 Asagi from Taimanin Asagi, which was first an H-Game and then later and OVA hentai anime… pretty damn rough stuff – research at your own risk. Anyways I saw a kit first from ooxoo and was interested until I saw the same character sculpted by Liquid Stone (リキッドストーン) and come WF Summer, the kit was advertised as a limited number production run of 50 kits as there will be a PVC release of the figure. The kit sold at WF summer for 9,000Yen, roughly $90US. The bloody scalpers on Y!J made out like bandits, selling the kit from 20K yen up through 42k Yen. I was lucky to grab it on an auction that seemed fairly unwatched as the search string for the kit was just slightly off. Still, I paid a damn arm and a leg for the damn thing.

The thing arrived today, pretty damn quick. Taking the kit out and looking at the parts, I’m amazed with the engineering and forethought put into designing the kit. There are mesh pieces on the kit so I figured there would be a good amount of mesh cutting and gluing. But no, the mesh pieces are separated from the respective arm and leg pieces making it VERY easy to apply the mesh then snap and glue the pieces into place. Damn fine engineering. When looking at the kit online, I basically resigned myself to cutting these pieces out or finding the easiest way to apply the mesh without it looking like utter crap. Again, this is a very nicely engineered kit, and it too little to no time to pin. There is very little flash, and the details are amazing. Getting such a kit for 9k yen would have been a steal, in comparison to some other originals I’ve worked with that cost much more but were not as well engineered. Here she is pinned…

asagi_prog 001_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 003_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 004_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 007_jpg.jpg

I think I’ll have to rename Mr G3 Keroro to Mr G-Perv Keroro. Seeing the nipple sculpt then remembering that stupid Honda Element commercial with pinchy mc-crab, just gave me the idea for the final pose.

asagi_prog 009_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 012_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 014_jpg.jpg

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  1. dhcloud

    Only 9000 Yen for that kit…. sure was more than double everywhere I saw it. Well atleast it is good that you got it… I can still see how it turns out.

  2. gundamjehutykai

    Damn, that’s a nice Asagi Kit. But I think I prefer the ooxoo kit.

    I skipped over wonderfestival this time because there were no “must get” figures. I was a little tempted by Asagi and the Highschool of the dead figures but that was about it.

  3. GameraBaenre

    What! Asuka cosplaying as Yoko didn’t do it for you? Well, I guess taking two figures, one pretty much over saturated, and one getting to that point and combining them kinda makes something different… But I’m very happy with the engineering of the Asagi kit. Just too surprised.

  4. gundamjehutykai

    I guess you are right in that the asuka kit is a little different, just not different enough to pique my interest.

    esp since I have 2 Yoko kits and an Asuka already. With my “no 2 kits of the same character” rule and a general reluctance to do a character a second time it just didn’t make me go “ooh”

    Good luck with the Asagi Kit, though I’m sure it’ll look fantastic as always

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