Last night I got an email tip from HongFire’s MilkManDan that Anime Expo had updated the workshop page and was accepting submissions for workshops, panels, etc. So I quickly submitted my proposal for the “Gundam Model and Resin Anime Figure Building Seminar <– torrent link for the presentation in it’s current form. Hopefully the same person organizing this area of the convention will be doing it again this year, since she enjoyed my presentation and was impressed with my attendance numbers – even up against the various large events such as the AMV’s and Masquerade. She assured me that so long as I submitted my proposal, that I’d be fine for this year. Hopefully I get some better time slots this year. I requested three days, 2 hours each session, and the early to mid afternoon time slot for a workshop room.

This sorta prompts me to hurry up and make some more updates to my current presentation. I have some additional videos that I took late last year, but have yet to incorporate them into the presentation. I also need to polish up the documentation companion piece that sorta translates the pictures to words of the techniques. Time is a factor since as of last week, I bought my plane tickets to Pittsburgh for Tekkoshocon 2007 which is April 13-15 – at which George (Tetsujin) and I will be presenting this workshop at Tekko. I have a Kampfer and resin figure kit that I need to start working on soon and I can use those to add more videos and what not.

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