Since I wasn’t satisfied with the result of the Habaneros, I’m working to fix some issues I have with them before shipping them out to the customer. First and foremost the two halves of the head pieces have different tones, and while it wasn’t overly noticeable in my workshop, it was painfully obvious under other lighting. So I glued the two head pieces together, then applied some putty to cover the seam. Once that cured, I sanded everything down and then sprayed on a layer of primer to check for mistakes. This is always a two or more step process as I never get something done perfectly the first time. So the next shot shows the light curing putty I used, which cures very quickly. I did some rough sanding before going off to bed last night, so tonight I should be able to fine tune the sanding and re-primer the surface and come Monday, they should be on their way to their owner.

habanero_prog%20048_jpg.jpg habanero_prog%20049_jpg.jpg habanero_prog%20050_jpg.jpg

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  1. 5thLuna

    hi there…i came from bakuc. your models are very excellent! im looking forward your new job and nice to meet you , from japan =D

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