I constantly run into the issue, and I love when I’m approached for something I posted or put up on display. I have yet to run into the issue at some of my local contests and such, most likely because I’m known by the organizers and such. But this little rant is a result of having my post about the Hip Cover Gal removed at a forum.

The post was removed because the admin felt that the subject matter did not fit into the “family friendly environment”. Oh the hypocrisy of it all. I mean, how fucking family friendly are tanks, soldiers wielding weapons, aircraft laden with bombs, aircraft laden with nuclear weapons, rail-guns, mortars, etc. It is perfectly family friendly to create a militaristic diorama showing dead German soldiers – with blood! It is perfectly family friendly to recreate an aircraft on a bombing run over populated city. Yet show the slightest boob or the hint of sexuality and instantly, that is not family friendly. There is something inherently wrong with this. Simply stated, violence towards our fellow man is family friendly, while a woman barely lifting up her shirt is not.

This is one of many reasons why other countries laugh and have little to no respect for us. Are we so crippled by our idiotic ideas of family values?

One year at Anime Expo, I brought my Mitsuki, who happens to just expose one of her nipples. The staff immediately cornered me and told me that I needed to have her covered, under the banner of a “family friendly environment”. When I posed the similar question about violence and such as some of the images in the art show depicted violence, blood, killing/maiming of people and creatures, the respond I got was a blank face of confusion. Then the company line of, “well, I don’t make the rules, I just follow them.” What kind of pussy cop out bullshit is that?

I absolutely hate this political correctness shit that everyone must tote. God forbid we fucking offend ANYONE. I now even go as far as posting up happy fucking warning labels so that those who still wander the earth with the huge rod of morality shoved so deep up their asses the tip of it is being melted away by stomach acids; can exercise the God given right of not clicking on the post.

It’s too bad the local model clubs is used to having me around; I just wait for the idiot who comes up and tries to blast me about showing nudity in public. The icing on the cake is when such idiots build military models. They usually leave the conversation in the huff and completely upset. For fucks sake, it’s plastic, it’s completely natural, and it’s not something utterly violent. Go rent Doc Hollywood with Mr Parkinson’s J. Fox in the starring role, it’s aPG-13 rated movie with a full frontal nudity scene. You folks and your need to stay inside your protective family friendly bubble can all go fuck yourselves and get aids.

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  1. MN

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading that. Everything you said was spot on. Much respect for such a direct and concise statement on the mental constipation that infects our culture. I fume about this subject all the time, so it’s great to see someone come out and say this.

  2. gamerabaenre

    At the end of the day, they skirt the idea that violence, machines made for killing, displays of dead soldiers, etc is within the realm of “family friendly”. Throwing around the comment that this is “history” and we’re learning a lesson from this is utter bullshit. We;re learning that it’s perfectly fine to build weapons, perfectly fine to kill another human being because they have different ideology, but slight nudity is not allowed. At the end of the day, they barely acknowledge that there is a double standard, how do they do that? Well, because they lose the fucking argument, they quickly resort to the company line: “well, it’s our rules, and because the rules are written so subjectively, we can apply them in any manner, especially when we lose an argument”.
    People constantly complain about freedoms of speech, civil rights, etc… but when it finally hits home, they want none of this, it’s too much hard work to open the narrow slit that is their minds; it is too much for to be tolerant.
    Local shows are great for this, because people are forced to be tolerant, you get to discuss matters face to face, no one owns the open air where discussions can happen. One’s hypocrisy is exposed and you are forced to acknowledge it.
    Funnier still, when I pointed out another thread that had nudity clearly shown, the argument was then turned to the fact that the image in the other thread was smaller. Wow, no concept of content. It doesn’t matter because it was smaller, the footprint was smaller. You have got to be fucking kidding me. It’s hilarious that some people cannot gracefully lose an argument, that they must be correct – flip side of the coin is very much true for me, I cannot seem to let this go either. :D But it’s damn fun to argue about this.
    And for fucks sake, it’s just plastic!

  3. The Geek

    It’s messed up alright we can’t have the slightest hint of nudity on TV without a warning label but cop shows can routinely show dead body’s with multipliable gunshot wounds in prime time. Hell I would prefer kids to see a little nudity over a little violence any day.

  4. Smeagol the vile

    I must agree completly. This is the problem I ran into browsing hobbyfanatics forum figure secton. The school im at would chastise me if I opened a page with a resin figure with nudity on it, so I had to ask for those warning labels there. I didnt want them, but they had to happen. The censorship in this country is just outright stupid.

    Look at my gundam vs gouf diorama, I clearly painted the dead amuro inside of a shattered cockpit of the corefighter. That would be perfectly fine, but I bet you, 100 to one. that one pic I forget what it was, but of the gundam with the resin boobs afixed to it, would be made censored

  5. StormKat

    Actually, I think it was the alien symbol on her drawers that offended them the most. It conjures up images of that thing busting out of places it shouldn’t be busting out of…

    Seriously, the politically correct movement needs to be given a wedgie.

  6. The Unholy

    It is a shame that there are still those who, to this day, are such prudes as to live in denial of the simple fact that the human form has been, and always will be, a beautiful thing and a source of inspiration for us all (and not just the perverts!). I wholeheartedly agree with your statement; I feel that those whose arguments supporting “morality” the loudest tend to be the most hypocritical in their judgment of others, and least open-minded to the idea that not everyone has the same overly Puritanical set of morals that they do.

    I apoligize if I am beating a dead horse…

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