Easy to see how busy I was this month since there was no posts; but I’m making up for lost time with these things. The future on the eyes for the Cover Gal has solidified so I put the head back onto the body and took a few pictures. Now, I did take her out to Valley Con and a couple of people including friends had made mention that she was a bit on the pale side. The PVC kit and the reference photos have her as even more pale than what I did, I think. But regardless, the end game is that this affects my current mixture of skin tone. I was running low on skin tone, so before working on her, I mixed up a new batch, and I think I may have gone a little too pale. I use this as a base color and my technique for shading uses this as the dark base color for which a lighter version of the color is then use to highlight the kit. So my problem now is if anyone else feels that she is overly pale? I will have to go back and adjust my mixture to darken the tone; but again, I’m partially color blind so I need as much guidance in this as possible.


Click here to check out the completed Young Hip Cover Gal **warning, resin nudity ahead**

Click here to check out the complete build progression, same warning as the above link

Next up is an update to the Habaneros. I thought I was finished with them when I entered them into ValleyCon, but the lighting in the room showed off some tonal difference in the two hair pieces of each girl. I’m also not satisfied with the gap in the hair, so I’ll be fixing that. This will also give me an opportunity to clear the eyes using future floor polish too. But so far, here are what the little Habaneros looks like now:


Click here to check out the build progression for the little Habaneros

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