Velvet, a Bong, and some Duke Videos….

A small update with some work on the Velvet kit. The process of priming, putty, sanding, and repriming continues. A cast iron surface texture is applied to the chain. I helped out a friend with a home made bong, and also posted up some videos of Duke playing with Hugo, Beanie, and a towel.


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OMG Back to Model Building

It has been more than 2 full months since I last posted any sort of progress on projects I’m currently working on. With coming back from Otakon, and seeing how inspired my friend Brian is on his fairly new interest in model building; the feelings come back and I found myself sitting down at my work bench, sanding pad in one hand, and parts of Kanu in the other. Being on Skype with Brian is certainly helping the motivation as well. Via the webcam, I just got itching with watching him sit there and build. I put up my webcam on my work bench light and started filling and sanding. The below pictures were done in early July for my presentation at Anime Expo, but I hadn’t had the chance to make an update.

kanu1_6_prog 054_jpg.jpg kanu1_6_prog 055_jpg.jpg


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