Nov 302008

Thanksgiving was fairly mellow since there weren’t many family friends visiting and it was just a nice and relaxed quiet gathering. Some of the uncooked steaks from Thursday were cut up and thrown into a marinade. We picked up some Kobe Beef, fish cake, tofu, napa cabbage, shrimp, clams, etc etc. A small gathering of friends showed up on Friday for this mix of Shabu Shabu and Korean style hibachi. The dining room was fairly full and we ended up playing musical chairs when people wanted to move from the shabu shabu side to the korean bbq side, and then back again. Beers flowed, an amazing amount of food was consumed, and then it was on to rockband. I hit the LA Auto Show on Saturday, and today was taken to recover from the weekend as well as finish up painting the Tekkaman Blade kit.

tekkaman_blade_com 064_jpg.jpg 100_0378_JPG.jpg tekkaman_blade_com 069_jpg.jpg

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Nov 282008

Thanksgiving day update. I did a decent amount of work last night, and today. I had the family over for Thanksgiving, made dinner and entertained, and was still able to get a good amount of work on the kit done. I’m getting much closer to finishing. Below are the finished foot, spear piece, and shoulder with the metallic green kandy finish.

tekkaman_blade_com 058_jpg.jpg tekkaman_blade_com 059_jpg.jpg tekkaman_blade_com 063_jpg.jpg

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Nov 262008

The painting resumed last night. I picked up some Mr Color wine red and another red from the local hobby store on my way home. The red parts were repainted. The first picture below is a comparison between the wine red and russet that I use the previous night. The wine red is a much darker red and will work to help create shading effects. Next I used Finisher’s bright red and painted the parts using a preshading technique that bases off the darker red base color.

tekkaman_blade_com 018_jpg.jpg tekkaman_blade_com 019_jpg.jpg tekkaman_blade_com 020_jpg.jpg

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Nov 252008

I started working on the kit a few weeks ago. Parts were glued and sanded. I skipped taking pictures of the test fit phase and a few other steps, I just didn’t have time. This is also the reason for this late of an update from when I first started working on the kit. This is the second kit of the series I’ve been commissioned to build. I’ve learned a good deal from the Evil kit and that should translate to a much higher quality build for this kit.

mgb18 029_jpg.jpg mgb18 030_jpg.jpg

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Nov 232008

Model build gathering was this weekend. It was a smaller group with about 17 or so people total. I also helped my mom clean out some of my old stuff that was packed away at her house about the time I left the Air Force about 8 or so years ago….and found some old pictures…

mgb18 116_jpg.jpg mgb18 115_jpg.jpg dc_stuff002_jpg.jpg

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Oct 262008

Busy weekend. Friday night, I assembled the sub parts for the Tekkaman Evil commission kit and took pictures of the completed kit. I experimented with my photography, using a diffuser for my flash; so some of the pictures may look a little different form my past photos. Before the build gathering, I went down to my local AutoZone where I had ordered a K&N Cold Air/Short Ram intake kit, and then installed it to my tC. Folks started showing up to the build gathering as I finished up the install. The build gathering was fairly successful, we ended up going out to El Farolito for dinner. We had about 16 people at the gathering. My free time during the gathering went to working on the Kanu kit and with the masking work completed, I should be able to finish the kit this week. Sean F brought a couple of cds with pictures from OrangeCon 2008, and I have those pictures uploaded to the website. Here are a few sample pictures from the weekend, more pictures and details about the weekend after the jump.

tekkaman_evil_com 071_jpg.jpg k_n_intake_install 003_jpg.jpg mgb17 067_jpg.jpg mgb17 071_jpg.jpg

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