6 days after starting on the kit we finally crawled to the finish with the thing, well, as finished as we’re going to get anyhow.

Over the weekend, Angel finished up preshading the white. We had to redo a few things to fix some of the more major seams. There are still quite a few seams on the kit that we originally planned on attending to, but we just ran out of time. Saturday and into Sunday, the kit was decaled. Late Sunday evening, Mitch clear coated the entire thing.

Which brings us to Monday. After a weekend long session of building, AX stuff, and going back to work after said weekend, it was a little difficult to push ourselves to finish the thing. But at the very least, we got the panel lines done. I brought the kit over to Angel’s house and we did the panel lines there. It was about 11 PM by the time we finished panel lining, and I didn’t have the focus or energy to spray a flat clear coat while avoiding the metallic and clear pieces. The flat coat will frost the clear parts and will mess with the metallics. So a glossy finish it is.

Given a little more time, I believe we would have easily taken care of the seams here and there. But alas, it is done. For those of you going to Anime Expo 2009, Otakon 2009, or the San Diego Comic Con; check out the bluefin booth; this kit will be displayed there.

The Riser:

The 00 Gundam:

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  1. Mechorian

    Hey which version of the 00-raiser model is this because I bought the MG 1/100th version and i didnt get the gn-sword III or whatever that huge blade is!

    Please tell me where that came from because at the moment I am trying to edit a spare exia blade to fit!

  2. SonicSP


    Um….there is no such thing as a MG 1/100 00 Raiser.It’s not even been anounced yet.

    There is a 1/100 00 Raiser kit,but it’s not MG level quality.MGs would also not suffer articulation problems that the 1/100 00-Raiser suffers from so badly.

    MG 1/100 Exia is coming out soon however,but it’s seperate from the 1/100 Exia released a long time ago which is basically a lower quality version even if they’re the same scale.

    About your question,the only way to get a 1/100 scale GN-Sword III is to buy the 1/100 00 Raiser Designers color version.It comes with the GN-Sword III and the beam sabers of the GN-Sword IIs.

    You probably bought the normal version released a while ago,which does not have the GN-Sword III nor the GN-Sword II beam sabers.

  3. SonicSP

    Do not know what model this is,but I assume it’s the 1/100 Designer colours version.There’s alot of decals,there’s a normal coloured GN-Sword III,and there’s no obvious torso movement.

  4. Jenner

    Sure there’s torso movement. It’s been moved up to the chest instead of the waist. My only problems with the 2nd season 00 kits is the lack of an articulated neck and in the case of the 00, the legs can’t spread further. However, the ankle and wrist designs are excellent and are things that they should use for future MG kits.


    Wow nice build and nice paint job too.

  6. Gundam Fan

    Would you guys built and paint it the same way for me if I pay you guys?

  7. GameraBaenre

    Anyone one from the group could build the kit for you. It’s just a matter of cost and how long you are willing to wait for the kit to be completed. Not sure if I can gather the group to build the kit again, but if you want, email me and I can forward the request along to the rest of the group that helped build the kit and give you a price quote.

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