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This past Saturday (September 29th) the girlfriend and I dived Treasure Island. Friday night we went to scope out the new dive spot, right off Westley Street behind the Montage Resort and Spa. The waters looked incredibly calm and the cove looked so inviting. The next morning, we got there around 9 AM and walked in full gear for about a quarter mile to the second beach entry point. The reef started a couple of feet off the beach.

Lots of big fish out here. Lobster season started but during the day, they are usually in their little holes sleeping. I found a few but they were fairly small. This may be a good spot to dive for lobster at night. There were plenty of other marine life. The facilities are excellent, with showers at every beach entry point, covered parking, nicely kept public restrooms, and a beautiful walkway along the cliffs above the beach. The water was incredibly clear, the visibility was about 20 feet.

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