Gunpla/Resin Figure Model Building Presentation Files ver. 2.0 <– Bit Torrent link

A few months back when I did a slight redesign to the site, I forgot to put in the link to the Gunpla/Resin Figure Model Building presentation materials that I have been using to present at various shows and events. This is the current version that is available online through bit torrent. I have been seeding this as well as a few other friends have been seeding this. I haven’t done any video compressions so the files are fairly large. When I get the time to learn video compression, or when I have a friend help me out with that, I can significantly reduce the size of the package and increase the number of videos.

Please seed and disseminate the information freely. The techniques covered are what I typically use when building kits; and many of them are fairly interchangeable amongst the different genres of model building. I recently created a compacted version of the tutorial with many new videos for the recent IPMS National’s event where I presented the seminar on three days of the event. I also did the presentation at Mikomicon at Cal State Northridge the beginning of the month. Again, once I get some time to learn video compression and editing, I will be compiling ver 3.0 and will put that up on Bit Torrent as soon as it is completed.

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