This past month’s worth of time has been busy as it can get. Deadlines at work have kept me working late. As well as a back injury that I would love to blame on my insistence on improving my spray booth and building one that is easily 3 times that of the old one. But alas, building the spray booth only contributed to weakening an old injury to my lower back/hip region.

According to my chiropractor, I have sciatica; basically a lower back pain caused by misaligned joints that rub against the nerves causing debilitating pain. I had to go a week without driving because I simply could not drive from all the pain. This compounded with my heavy work load pushed my model building schedule way the hell out of wack.

Alas, I am finally back into working condition for the commissions I have on my plate. Work load is dying off, but still busy until at least middle to end of next week. I have about a week’s worth of work left in the dark elves that I want to hammer out as soon as possible. I’m almost complete with the Kampfer build. And then finally I can get down to working on something for myself and for various up coming contests and such.

Big news: ANIME EXPO MODEL CONTEST INFO. After griping and making suggestions and contacting people here and there, I finally got this done. Thanks to all the work behind to scenes to get this up. At the very least, this will help unsuspecting model builders who attend AX know that such a thing exists. Now I have a little under 2 months to spread the word and pump up participation beyond any expectations of anyone at AX. Dammit Jim, model building is not dead!

Oh, and for those who want to see how the Kampfer is progressing…. here. I just have to finish painting the weapons, do the decals, do the wash for the panel lines, and the final clear coat and she’ll be ready. I want to be done with it by Saturday or Sunday.

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