There was a storm that hit Southern California this past weekend, so our diving plans for Saturday got derailed, so we went today (Sunday). We originally wanted to get up at around 5 AM and head out to Laguna, but attempts to failed so we ended up sleeping for another two hours. After lazily getting out of bed, we put all the gear into the car and headed out. I guess the storm has some residual effects as the waves were pretty strong; however we were able to enter and exit on our two dives just fine.

I was able to take a good number of pictures, as I’m starting to get more comfortable with diving and taking pictures. I still haven’t switched over to the manual settings, but hopefully soon. The girlfriend is looking into getting a new camera so I may not bother, and just use the new one.

Lots of little sea creatures today. The one thing I wasn’t able to snap a picture of was a HUGE bat ray that casually drifted along. As I swam after it, I think it caught on that I was following so it quickened its pace. Oh well, next time. Click here for the pictures I took today.

scuba_9_23_07-019.jpg scuba_9_23_07-012.jpg

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