So I’ve been listening to more music of late as my car was in the shop for a full week while a dent to my hood and my driver side mirror was replaced because a piece of freeway debris flew up and caused said damage to my then, 2 week old car.

So today’s focus are a few songs from a 5 year old Muse Album: Absolution. I really like the song Hysteria, so grabbing the album, I recently started to listen to the album, and these two songs stick out in my head. Most likely a result of many hours of my youth spent practicing and playing the piano, so I have great appreciation for rock bands that are able to incorporate the this style of piano music.

Below is Sing for Absolution

And following this is Butterflies & Hurricanes

So now that I have my car back, I’ve continued to listen to the Muse album. I’m probably really behind the curve on all this as this album is 5 years old. I need to open up my horizons a little bit more. Becoming too much of a grumpy old man.

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