Again, as I’ve been progressing through the HGUC Nu Gundam builds, I’ve been taking a good number of videos of various process that may or may not be intuitive to newer modelers.  I’ve already gotten a few requests for videos of certain techniques, and I hope to get more.  What may come as second nature to me may not be as intuitive to others, so I need the feed back to know what else I should focus the camera.  Additionally, I’m trying to get it so that the videos are focused on the actual process, so hopefully, my video taking skills are getting better.

The first thing for this update is that I added a masking Tutorial to the pack.  For now it focuses on masking gunpla, I will update it soon when I some masking work on a figure kit.  Click here for the masking tutorial.

More updates below.  In addition to the masking tutorial, I also made some updates to a few other tutorials:
V-Fin tutorial: I added a video of the thinning and sharpening process using the HGUC Nu Gundam’s V-Fin.
Applying Damages Tutorial: I supplemented this with another video showing the process for which I beat up the Nu Gundam’s shield using a coarse sanding stick and a hobby knife.
The water slide decal tutorial: has a couple of videos added show the process for applying decals to the Nu Gundam’s shields as well as a video showing the weathering of one of the decaled shields.
Panel Line Wash Tutorial: showing the creation of the panel line wash fluid, panel lining process, and clean up.  This time I’m using naphtha based lighter fluid as the thinner and cleaning agent.

Click here to see all the tutorials I have created so far.

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  1. Infornography

    Nice Tutorial Gam! I can’t wait to see the masking techniques for resin figures! And hopefully when you have more time, a tut on pinning!

  2. Doven Wolf

    Hey Gam, just checked out the masking tutorial and wanted to know which order one should paint when masking, should darker paints be done over or under lighter paints? Thanks!

  3. gamerabaenre

    I’ve never given that much thought. Once masked, I don’t believe it matters if the next layer of paint is lighter or darker, as the following layer of paint should have no affect on the masked layer of paint. It’s masked off after all, and the purpose of masking is to preserve the paint and color while painting adjacent colors.

  4. Doven Wolf

    Duh, that makes sense. If you masked correctly, you should be spraying over virgin primer so there is no double pigment layer (unless you are pre-shading). Thanks.

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