Jun 132008

I believe that a big part to working on kits is a well set up work area. When I first started building kits, I had a temporary work area; my tools were semi organized and simply thrown into boxes, random cups and strewn all over my temporary fold up desk area. The same area was used for painting when I got to that point with my kits. I had a temporary set up for about 6 years prior to moving to my current residence. With my new place, I was able to dedicate a single room as a workshop. More pictures and information after the jump.


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May 162008

Again, as I’ve been progressing through the HGUC Nu Gundam builds, I’ve been taking a good number of videos of various process that may or may not be intuitive to newer modelers.  I’ve already gotten a few requests for videos of certain techniques, and I hope to get more.  What may come as second nature to me may not be as intuitive to others, so I need the feed back to know what else I should focus the camera.  Additionally, I’m trying to get it so that the videos are focused on the actual process, so hopefully, my video taking skills are getting better.

The first thing for this update is that I added a masking Tutorial to the pack.  For now it focuses on masking gunpla, I will update it soon when I some masking work on a figure kit.  Click here for the masking tutorial.

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Apr 082008

Major updates to the tutorials.
Reorganized stuff so things are easier to find.  Also; since I’m still in the midst of redoing videos and such, I figure I can throw up what I have now; which will be easier to deal with than trying to making all the changes once I’m done.  Best to do this in increments as I get stuff done.  I still have tons more to do…

Sanding tutorial with an added video
Seamline tutorial with a complete rewrite
Basic Airbrushing tutorial with a complete rewrite
Advanced airbrushing tutorial

Primer Tutorial
Pearl powder tutorial

More as I progress with my Nu build….