Ok, I am currently uploading the latest version of my model building tutorials. So far I have it up on mininova and will be putting it up on other torrent trackers too.
Gunpla Model and Resin Anime Figure tutorial ver 3.0
Download, disseminate, and seed!

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  1. dhcloud

    Need to make room… I need bigger drives…. will get this going and seeding.

  2. Infornography

    I’ll be checking it out man! Gawd I’m going at the slowest ass pace for all my kits. Jeez. At this rate I’ll Never finish a kit. Except that crappy Tieren I did for V.

  3. GameraBaenre

    Yeah, this is taking a bit… ok, I switched to super seeding mode which should shorten the time it takes for folks to get to 100%; I’ll turn off super seeding when we get to that point.

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