So it’s been a full month and a few weeks since I last posted anything. It’s currently 3 in the bloody morning, and that stupid nap I took this afternoon has pretty much prevented me from falling asleep since I climbed into bed a few hours ago. So I guess now is as good a time as any to log my life events for the past 5 weeks. So what could happen that would throw a nice little wrench into my daily routine? I met a girl; well, to be fair, I was introduced to a girl. Okay, this is one of those personal all about me posts, so anyone looking for model building crap and what not, move along. Oh and for you readers, this will be bloody long and probably utterly uninteresting – so you have been warned.

Okay, for those that decided to click the “more” button, nosy little buggers that you are, story time with Clem. Beginning at the end of April, I had family that had come in from Canada, my 4th aunt, 6th aunt and her husband, and my uncle – whom I hadn’t seen in well over twenty years. I had a damn good time with them for two days. My cunt of a sister has cut all ties to my mom and her side of the family so even at the urging of my uncle, I couldn’t get her to come out for even the shortest amount of time as to have dinner. Family dynamics, this shit happens with every family, so I really can’t stay pissed off about it too much. I vented to a friend, and that helped – hence the lack of a blog post utterly blasting the little bitch. It was a good time with the family and they were gone Saturday morning, and later that evening, I had dinner plans with three women.

A little back story. So since I’ve been single; deep breath, my mom’s godson’s sister (well call her miss busybody) has been trying to hook me up with her friends. Miss BB is very nice and looking out for my well being and trying to jump start my love life which is very cool of her. But the last time I went to a gathering with Ms BB… well, lets just say that it’s a good thing that I had Art, Brandon, and alcohol. This was some time in March, the story from that night is posted here: So any more attempts at setting me up by Ms BB make me a little wary; but hell, I needed to get out more anyways.

So it’s the last Saturday of April and I go out to K-Town around 9PM to meet up with Ms BB, her friend that I had met at the last event with Ms BB, and a new friend. I get there late and apologize for being so late, they’ve already ordered and food starts arriving as soon as I sit. The new friend is cute, speaks Cantonese, and enjoys eating. The evening was kinda cool, small talk here and there. The fat chick at the table kitty corner to us is LOUD, apparently it’s her birthday, and there is cake, and then there is a face smacked into the cake, then some cake throwing. Yeah, classy people. We try not to laugh too loud at the cow of a woman with a face full of cake. She was probably upset at not being able to eat the damn thing too. Well, the evening goes well, and Ms BB is pretty much pimping me out, full court press. Clem can cook, he does this, he does that… blah, blah, blah. Yes the intentions are very noble, but a little on the embarrassing side. Anyways, Ms BB says she wants me to cook for her, so I offer up the following weekend – hell, like I have a life now anyways. But she says they’re busy on the weekends with school and would only be free on weekdays. The girls confer for a bit and decide to come over on Monday – works for me as I can flex my schedule to accommodate. Ms BB’s two friends are cute, however one of them reminds me of an old schoolmate that HATED me; only this one’s much cuter. Still she reminded me of this munchkin of a woman I once upon a time attended the same schools. Heading out of the restaurant with the day after tomorrow plans set, Ms BB pushes the new friend towards me trying to get a “thank you hug”; the new friend – Bonny, is awkward at the pushy Ms BB and I back the f off as it’s just too awkward and WAY too forward. We go our separate ways. The three girls drool over a cop that drives by the parking area twice – I’m already long gone by this time.

So Monday rolls around and I set to make a nice Steak Au Povire using some filet mignon. The previous day, I made some creme brulees, so with this setup, it should be a fairly impressive dinner. Helen comes home and she’s joining us for dinner. Oh how I seem to always be surrounded by women. The girls arrive and I’ve already prepped everything and was just waiting for them to arrive before I started the cooking process. Bonny seems interested in what I’m doing and offers her help. Ms BB and her friend hang outside smoking and just chatting. Every time Ms BB comes around, very obvious little verbal jabs attempting to get us together. So painfully obvious that they were starting to become VERY uncomfortable, especially for Bonny. I’m still fairly oblivious to anything, but I do sense a bit of a spark between Bonny and I. I’ve never been overly push and fairly patient, so I’m more than happy to wait and see how this plays out. Dinner finishes, we enjoy some creme brulees, and end up playing majhong for the rest of the night. During mahjong, Ms BB starts setting up the next battle, and suggest that we all go see Alice in Wonderland – the next day. Numbers are exchanged and now Bonny and I have a means of communication. Things are going exceptionally well, but there was something amiss in the air. While in my hallway, I get cornered by Ms BB asking what I think. And I tell her that things seem a little too perfect on the surface and directly ask her what the f was wrong in the picture. My gut told me that there was something not quite right. She kinda looks away and says that she’ll tell me later. I basically asked her what was wrong with Bonny. Again, things seemed a little too easy, perfect, good, etc – and in my life, NOTHING is ever easy. But Ms BB acknowledges that there is, indeed, something going on, but will tell me later. They leave the house around midnight.

I get a call from Ms BB about an hour after they had left. Oh irony that is my life. This issue with Bonny is that she’s not single. YAY! May history repeat itself over and over and over and over. Well, Ms BB is still very insistent that I chase after Bonny. I have reservations, and I did sense a spark. But do I really want to return down this well worn path for myself? Regardless, I failed myself, the following day, I texted her so that she would have my number, the previous night’s attempt failed because I live in a black hole for all cellular carriers save verizon. But I made no mention about the movie plans from the previous night. I later get a call from Ms BB telling me that she’s bailing on the movie. Classy move. Bonny texts me back and she sets up a movie thing with her and her 18 year old friend. Hahaha, I had seen Alice twice already, time for a third. Not much in the means of conversations were had, and we parted. The next day was filled with texts back and forth – which resulted in having dinner. This was our first time alone with one another. We talked. She tells me that she’s not single. We continue to chat and we are very obviously flirting with one another verbally. It’s cute and utterly disgusting at the same time. Love is nothing but a collection of cringe worthy interactions of words and body language devoid of all logic. Dinner ends and we part ways, not 2 minutes into driving away, I get a call back from her asking if I’d like to have dessert, which just extends our night at a different eatery down the street. Yeah, it’s pretty obvious that both of us are reluctant for the evening to end.

The following two days are similar, texts during the day, and some short face time in the evening, be it dinner or just hanging out. Food is always involved. There’s a break on Saturday. But I see her the following Sunday. Monday I call it in to spend the day with her. The following Tuesday was a Dodger game with her along with Helen and her friends. Wednesday was dinner at my house, and a fairly late evening spent hanging out. Bonny’s boyfriend returns from a business trip Thursday, so this puts an end to what ever the hell the previous ten days could be logically called. The next time I see her is a week later. And since, I’ve been seeing her here and there, once to three times a week.

Regardless of my own excuses that such things as rules of attraction, or the idea that love is this unavoidable power – I still failed and fell into what I’ve done in the past. My closest friends are asking all the right questions… questions I’ve asked them when I was suspicious of my own friends’ love lives. They have every right to be wary. Nothing good can come of this, at least for all party’s involved.

Now while all this was happening, the relationship between Ms BB and Bonny has turned south. I’m only hearing bits and pieces from either side – and I just chalk it up to personalities clashing and just a realization about the differences in personalities. Regardless, the relationship between the two of them has soured, and I’m wondering if I have anything thing to do with it. I’m sure I do, but just not sure to what extent. I know that in the past, I’ve pointed out personality discrepancies in certain people that have caused rifts in friendships, so I’m not so ignorant nor arrogant that I don’t believe I’m completely innocent. I can see how the personalities of both ladies clash. But I’d rather stay out of it – I don’t know the full story, so why get in the middle of the battle so poorly prepared?

Fast forward to this past weekend. I had a small gathering of folks for a BBQ at the place. Ms BB has been on the look out for a match for Helen, so she contacted me to see if I was free. But unfortunately, I had plans for the bbq, so I pushed her off, simply telling her that I was busy. Ms BB’s brother asked and invited me to an event as well. So I figured that this was an opportunity for them to introduce someone to Helen. And which Ms BB’s success rate so far, I figured Helen can enjoy the same purgatory I’m in with what they can bring around.

Ms BB and her brother bring Mike. Wow, and what a class act. Two minutes into meeting the guy, after listening to him mindlessly babble, I decide that I hate the fellow. It’s fucking annoying. Maybe he’s trying too hard, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, and it has only been 2 minutes since meeting the guy; I have all night to get to know him. Helen looks at me and asks if Ms BB is trying to set him up with that guy, I shrug, no idea – but the thought did cross my mind. Now originally, I was hesitant to invite Ms BB, because I had already invited Bonny. In hindsight, I should have told Bonny, at the very least she could have been mentally prepared, or just bailed on the event – which was something I really didn’t want – yes, it’s very selfish, I readily admit that most of my actions are driving by selfishness. I could have also told Ms BB, and she probably would have bailed on the event – but in the off chance that they were bring some really great guy for Helen, I didn’t want to miss that opportunity. Oh how I hate hindsight.

The evening continues and I try to get Bonny to socialize with my close friends. And it kinda separates Ms BB and her as well. I’m busy cooking so I’m running in and out of the house. When ever I cook meats, I let it rest before I serve it up. Resting gives the food a decent amount of time to finish cooking to the correct temperatures. But while moving in and out of the house between the grill and the kitchen, I return to the kitchen to find Mike standing there like a stupid fat fuck holding a lamb chop, munching on it and enjoying it. Telling me how good it was. Are you fucking serious? Where do such people come from? As a first time guest to someone’s house, randomly grabbing food that has obviously not been set out for public consumption without even bothering to ask the host if doing so was ok, just floored me. I eeked out a little bit of my annoyance towards him, and the douchebag gave me excuses for doing so, as opposed to just a simple apology. I mean, really, who the fuck does this? Yeah, fuck this shitbag, he’s never going to return to my house. The rest of the night is me just avoiding and ignoring the fuckwad. Helen dislikes him, Nicky finds him annoying, hell, Angel found him annoying – and that damn wetback likes everyone. I don’t know how Ms BB or her brother can be friends with such a guy. I mean, wow, I would be utterly embarrassed to even consider bringing this tool of a human being anywhere.

Ms BB comes and tries to vent to me about her situation with Bonny. I try my best to be diplomatic. Hell, I’m just trying to placate her so that there’s no scene. Ms BB cannot help herself and goes and chats with Bonny, throwing in some very stinging spikes. For fucks sake, really? Is that really necessary? At the very least, I treat everyone as my friend and open up my home, the only thing I ask of anyone is a bit of civility. Have I found Ms BB annoying? Oh hell yeah. My mom finds her annoying. My mom has noted that she’s hear Ms BB’s brother complain about Ms bb’s annoyance. But I accept that as part of her personality and charm. Others don’t have this tolerance. Well, not everyone in this world can get along otherwise, it’d be all fucking smiles and rainbows right?

After dinner, Ms BB, her husband, her brother, and super tool Mike leave promptly. Shortly thereafter, Bonny leaves. The rest of the night is spent drinking a little more and listening to the sexapades from Nicky and her friend Jenn – which just made everyone else uncomfortable and suicidal. Hilarity all around for me. At every gathering I attend/organize – be it a model build gathering, the annual ski trip, or random dinner gatherings that number over 10 people; there is always “the one”.

Ok, this has killed a few hours and I can take a short nap before heading off to work. At least I posted something I guess. Move along, nothing to see here. just mindless ramblings from an insomniac because of a fucking nap.

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  1. Su

    “Well, not everyone in this world can get along otherwise, it’d be all fucking smiles and rainbows right?”


  2. Chris

    Hopefully things will get better my friend

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