Update for the past 5 weeks

So it’s been a full month and a few weeks since I last posted anything. It’s currently 3 in the bloody morning, and that stupid nap I took this afternoon has pretty much prevented me from falling asleep since I climbed into bed a few hours ago. So I guess now is as good a time as any to log my life events for the past 5 weeks. So what could happen that would throw a nice little wrench into my daily routine? I met a girl; well, to be fair, I was introduced to a girl. Okay, this is one of those personal all about me posts, so anyone looking for model building crap and what not, move along. Oh and for you readers, this will be bloody long and probably utterly uninteresting – so you have been warned.


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It’s been a week since I have been back from the cruise. I’ve been fairly busy. I joined 24hour fitness where I go to continue running on machines as I did on the cruise. I also cracked open the Wii fit that I bought a few weeks ago from Circuit City online. It arrived the week before I went on the cruise and didn’t have much of an urge to crack the sucker open. I also got to the Tekkaman Evil kit primed; I have uploaded the new progress pictures – but at least I’m getting work on it, I hope to finish it this week, or at least get very close to completion.


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Love Fades Away

It has been about seven years now. My most recent relationship has now come to an end after seven years. I write this to better clear my own head, help myself understand the whole process, and to help come to terms with everything. It is a fairly anti climatic end, no big fight, no huge blowout, neither of us has found another – to my knowledge anyhow. Logically analyzing this, I believe that the two of us just fell out of love. Life got complacent, everything done is a repetitive motion. We continued our lives as if on autopilot.

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