The Last Two Weeks, Part 1

So the last two and a half weeks and have been a whirlwind of activity. Yuki’s brother and sister in law in town, a trip to Vegas, out of town friends coming into town, Orangecon 2012, a trip to Monterey/San Francisco, a short excursion under the sea, Yuki’s parents in town, my aunts and uncles in town, my cousins in town, and more friends in town. Up to my eyeballs in activities. But it was damn fun now that just about all visitors have left, and I’ve been back to work since the beginning of this week. Things are slowly returning to their normal, yet oddly busy schedule. The year’s not quite done with us yet as there’s still a full schedule come November with the group’s Book of Mormom outing and SCGMC 2 posted below. With my left hand slightly heavier; I’ll get some highlights from the past few weeks out before they are archived and possibly forever forgotten.

Strap in, this is going to be one of those posts, but at least I’m going to do this in two parts…


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Sol Tekkaman progress and MBG prep for OrangeCon

We had another build gathering this past weekend so that folks can get some final preparation in to their kits for OrangeCon which is happening in a few days from now. I’ve been steadily working on the Sol Tekkaman kit for the past few weeks and by now have gotten a decent amount of paint sprayed on the sucker. Following the jump are details on the Sol Tekkaman kit and sneak peaks at the various projects folks are finishing.


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