We had another build gathering this past weekend so that folks can get some final preparation in to their kits for OrangeCon which is happening in a few days from now. I’ve been steadily working on the Sol Tekkaman kit for the past few weeks and by now have gotten a decent amount of paint sprayed on the sucker. Following the jump are details on the Sol Tekkaman kit and sneak peaks at the various projects folks are finishing.

After such a long shelf time (kit started in May), I finished the sanding and soaked the parts in some purple power to remove anything on the surface of the parts. Rinsed and run through the ultrasonic cleaner, they were ready for painting. However, after the cleaning session, I found a missed seam. Taking this opportunity to use a different method for seaming, I glued some left over styrene strips over the seam areas using tamiya extra thin cement and pressed the styrene strips into the seam area to make sure the two pieces melt together and bond via the tamiya cement. The part is left overnight so that that glue and plastic can cure up and complete the bond, then the part is sanded. Once sanded, the styrene pieces have filled in the seam areas.

The true test for success is to spray a coat of primer and see if the seam is gone. Seam is gone. This is just another method for fixing seams, granted it is a bit wasteful as most of the styrene is sanded away, but effectively, left over tree parts are great for this method of seam repair.

The painting process for the Sol Tekkaman kit begins with spraying gloss black over the joint pieces; then spraying alclad jet exhaust. The blue parts got a treatment of wolf blue followed by cobalt blue for some slight shading. More parts are masked and painting continues. I hope to finish this project this week and have it in at OrangeCon.

Gtetra has been unable to make the weekend build gatherings, so he has been steadily working on his gaplant at the house during the week days. The past few days he’s been pushing hard on finishing the sucker up, so hopefully we’ll see it at OrangeCon too.

Terry’s orc amalgamation and some other kind of fortress from warhammer.

Nathan’s PG Wing Zero Custom.

Manuel’s Astrea getting decals.

Brandon doing detail painting for his Marasai.

Dan’s pile of work, and yes, those are parts from the long lost PG Astray the group started working on several months ago…

Here are two kits form Angel’s team of 00 kits that he’s finishing.

And for complete randomness, the corgis and yes, that’s a game of Axis & Allies version 1942 that is also being played during the build gathering.

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