Started this a while ago, just had it pinned:
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But now that I’m done with my commission projects, I’m working full steam on her. First and foremost, the gun needs serious work.
Gun in the original parts:


Hollowed out the muzzle. I’m still not sure what I’m going to do with the muzzle, it’s oddly sculpted so there’s no good geometry to it, so I may just build one from scratch. Still on the fence, but for now:


Added some mesh to create a anti-reflection shield for the lens. I removed the original scope end with the three small lenses, it just didn’t look right.


Replaced the scope body with aluminum tubing and added some styrene strips as scope mounts.


I’m replacing the barrel with an inner barrel + outer barrel setup. Going to be building a RIS system for the gun. Granted it’s nothing like the anime weapon, but at least it should look kinda cool when I’m done.


On the figure side, I’ve puttied some of the immediate problem areas. There were a few spots of uncured resin, so some epoxy putties were applied.


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