Happy Valentine’s Day, and tomorrow begins the annual ski trip.  I’ve been doing this with a group from friends from across the country for the past 6 years now, and this one will be number 7.  We all meet up at South Lake Tahoe, usually only about half the people actually ski/snowboard, the rest just hang out.  Gambling is involved, lots of drinking, but as the years wear on, I think we’ve slowed down a bit on that front.  There are usually some new folks that come along with the core group of folks that have been going every year; and from this, we always get some fun stories, however, mostly embarrassing ones.  Every year we usually have that one character that stands out as the “strange uncle” that somehow was invited to the reunion.  But it is for these folks that make things most memorable.

So there will be no model building and most likely no internet for the next few days. I’ll make sure I take plenty of pictures and shoot a few videos.  People do some interesting things when they are uninhibited; read: drunk.

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  1. Dhcloud

    Have fun…. I need a snow trip soon too

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