She was actually sorta done last Friday… almost. I had some trouble attaching the head since there is quite a bit of resin attached to the head such as her cape/cowl. I originally used a magnet to hold the head in place, but with all the resin bits together, it is too heavy for the magnet and the head tilts back opening up a huge gap in her neck as if she’d been slashed open. CA glue was attempted before SCGMC, followed by epoxy glue. Both seemed to have failed and there was still a relatively large gap if you looked at the neck to body connection area. I didn’t bother entering the kit at SCGMC so it was just on display with it’s floppy head condition. After the show, I removed the head section and dug out the dried glue. The fit wasn’t that great so I drilled out some resin for a better fit. Once I had the fit, I tried the CA glue again and left it sit for a full day. That still didn’t work out too well, so the last ditch effort was to mix some resin and drop some small amounts of the mixed resin into the connection point as well as brushed on the neck’s contact point and pressed the two sections together. 15 minutes later, the resin has solidified and the head is attached the the body very securely. So without too much fanfare, she’s done. If you want to read the full end to end build progression of this kit, check it out here: Grim Reaper Complete Progress

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