So, over the past couple of months, I’ve taking pictures while on trips here and there but haven’t made the effort to post them up.  I’ve just been a bit lazy; so it’s time to clear up my backlog of pictures.  No gunpla or resin figure love in this post, so if you’re interested in just that stuff; you can skip this post.  This will mostly be a quick blurb about each set followed by a link for the full album then a few selected images from the galleries.

Earlier this year, the cherry blossom trees at my local park started blooming; so I took Hugo for a little walk and snapped some pictures. Full Cherry blossoms with Hugo Gallery

For Yuki’s birthday, we did a quick day trip out to Catalina Island and spent the day driving around in a golf cart to tour the area around Avalon, then took a paddle boat out in the harbor and got awesomely sun burnt because we had forgotten to bring sunblock. It was a fun day even though I didn’t do any diving. Full Catalina Island Gallery

In September, some friends were celebrating their recent nuptiuals and since I had to go up to Sacramento for work that week; it all fit perfectly. I drove up with the boys and the wife flew up Thursday night to join us. I finished work by Thursday, so we had a free day on Friday. It had been a while since I went up to Lake Tahoe outside of winter, so it was nice to see the place green and warm. We found a dog beach and let the boys roam free. They seemed to have a blast. Full Lake Tahoe Gallery

Finally, a few weeks ago, the wife and kids along with Nicky, Angel(under protect), Rina, and Manny; headed down to the town of Julian to camp. We ate apple pies and had a good weekend relaxing under a bright full moonlight sky. Early Saturday morning, the boys, the wife, and Manny and Rina headed two hours out southeast towards the borders of Arizona and Mexico to check out the Imperial Sand Dunes. Lots of movies/commercials/tv etc have been filmed here. I wanted to hit it up with the least number of people as well as get in some good lighting; so we got there around 6AM. The area I wanted to go to was the Hugh T. Osborne outlook. There’s a nice parking lot and we can run right out into the dunes from there. The road was closed since they were repaving, so we improvised. Full Imperial Sand Dunes Gallery

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