Oh Norbert you fucking bastard. I woke up around 9:30 or so and went down for breakfast. We don’t dock until about 12 so there is plenty of time to eat and then get a quick run in before I go on shore for a two tank dive. While on our way to Cabo, I notice that there is another cruise ship heading the opposite direction, which I thought was a bit on the odd side as it was morning, and ships normally get into port on the mornings. Regardless, I did some digestive walking and then headed towards the gym and ran for 30 minutes which equated to about 2.65 miles. My time for a mile is getting better. I get done and have some time to rest up before heading down to the gangway where chartered ships take us ashore, since Cabo is too small to dock cruise ships.

I drag my 50 pound bag of scuba gear down to the gangway then onto the little tender(little ferry ships carrying people form the ship to shore) and off to Cabo. Disembarking, look around for the guy with the sign that says “Diving” or something similar, I see no one. I ask around and people point in random directions. I finally find the guy as he has the bloody sign in his hands down by his legs, he’s on the phone and holds up his hand for me to wait. When he finally gets off the phone, he tells me that the port is closed, and no ships are allowed to leave port with the exception of the tenders. He tells me he’s going to call and see what is going on, and just ends up telling me that my scuba trip is canceled and that I have already been refunded. Then proceeds to tell me that earlier, the Princess cruise ship came in and that they ported for short period of time, then immediately took off without anyone coming off the ship. Apparently, because Cabo closed the port, Princess decided not to hang out and just left, probably to hit the other ports. I guess that was the ship I saw heading south on our way in. Idiotically carrying my scuba gear, I wander around the town. I pick up a couple of t-shirts and then just leave. There are tons of random street vendors selling stuff, offering taxis, offering tours, offering to take pictures with iguanas, little girls selling Chiclets, etc. With the heavy pack and sour mood that I cannot scuba in the rather perfectly clear skies and VERY clear water, I get on one of the tenders sending people over, alone. Apparently I’m the first one to return to the ship…

I head back to the room to drop off the 50 pound monkey off my back. My mom is shocked to see me back, and I explain things. All the boating excursions were canceled. I change into a swim suit and head to the pools on the ship. This is my first time getting into the ships pools, they are salt water, which explained the odd buoyancy. There is a girl at the pool, holy hell she is amazingly hot. Perfect breasts, toned stomach, highlighted brown hair. I only stayed in the pool so I could just creepily oogle her until she left with her family. She’s probably somewhere between 18-22. Definitely the hottest girl I’ve seen on the ship so far.

With the girl gone, the only folks left are manatees and wrinkle old men, time to leave. I dry off and head over to get some lunch. Eating alone, a retired army guy and his wife whom met the previous day on the Puerta Vallarta with the scuba/snorkel/kayak trip. The guy is pissed that the port closed forcing the cancellation of all the ocean bound excursions. He and his wife join me for lunch and we chat about random things, the bloody stock market taking yet another large hot steamimg jobby. The skies stay clear and not a wind to be had; yet the closed the fucking port. *sigh* We discuss the other cruise ship and we come to the conclusion that there is a great possibility that the port did not notify our cruise ship about the port closure because of what happened with the Princess ship. The already lost the revenue from that ship leaving, so why would they tell the other cruise ship coming in that the port will be closed in the case that our ship does the same, and just takes off like the Princess ship. I’ll be going down to the excursion desk to inquire about when exactly did they find out about the port closure. If the already knew before hand, I’m going to bitch up a storm as they could have saved me from taking a fucking 50 pound backpack for no fucking reason. Yeah, I’m still rather annoyed that I didn’t get to scuba in some rather fucking awesomely clear waters. Holy shit this trip is just turning into a utter dud. I still have two more days on the godforsaken ship.

It’s not total shat, I did get to hang out with the family, did get a few dives in, and some rather good exercise, I’m just venting because my expectations for diving have been utterly destroyed.

Interesting, as I’m sitting here writing this, the satellite feed for TNT is showing Love Actually, now before you bastards crucify me for watching this, there’s a good amount of nudity in this flick, and as we learned from the previous day, boobies are always a good thing, regardless if live or just on tv. And with this feed, they have all the nudity and swearing. So this is taking a little longer than normal to write as I’m watching boobies bounce here and there. See, this is how you get men to watch chick flicks, throw in some good nudity. Tomorrow is a ship at sea day, so I’ll just keep hitting the stupid gym all day; at least some of the women at the gym are fun to look at… until they turn around and I get a peak at a 45+ year old face…. Noting too exciting today, hopefully I’ll have something interesting to write about tomorrow.

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  1. Brian Dunavant

    OUch that sucks dude. The diving was the silver lining to the whole trip.

  2. dhcloud

    Well that sucks that one of the biggest things you have been looking forward to on this trip has either been canceled or had horrible visibility. Was this your last chance… or is there anymore dive chances before you get back?

  3. "charlie"

    were you venting b/c of the cancelled dive or b/c your hormones were off the wall like that 17-yr old “Nick”

  4. GameraBaenre

    Mostly because of the canceled dive… but then, you haven’t met little Nicky… such a svelte young lad… it would be easily to become unbalanced around him ;^)

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