Row row row your boat….

Today was an at sea day on the ship. I woke up a little later than normal skipped out on breakfast (for which I really shouldn’t have) and went right to the gym and ran about 2.6 miles. My mile times are getting better with each one I do. I really felt the lack of energy with not eating prior to working out. I did a few cool down laps around the deck and headed down for lunch. Hooray, more rabbit food for me. I couldn’t find a single banana in the buffet area, so I’m guessing they ran out. I’ll look for them tomorrow, but I’m not optimistic.


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Fucking Norbert Part Deux

Oh Norbert you fucking bastard. I woke up around 9:30 or so and went down for breakfast. We don’t dock until about 12 so there is plenty of time to eat and then get a quick run in before I go on shore for a two tank dive. While on our way to Cabo, I notice that there is another cruise ship heading the opposite direction, which I thought was a bit on the odd side as it was morning, and ships normally get into port on the mornings. Regardless, I did some digestive walking and then headed towards the gym and ran for 30 minutes which equated to about 2.65 miles. My time for a mile is getting better. I get done and have some time to rest up before heading down to the gangway where chartered ships take us ashore, since Cabo is too small to dock cruise ships.


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F-ing Norbert

Hooray, I got to go diving today. The ship got into port at about 7:30 am. I set the alarm to go off at 6 but just went back to sleep because I was f-ing tired from the idiotic running I did the day prior. I wake up around 7:45, put on my gear and high tailed it to the landing dock. After getting packed in a very small confined area on the ship, we are finally let off the damn thing and I head over to see about my “diving adventure” excursion. I get there and there is a divemaster there waiting for me. I am the only diver from my ship. Hmm, there goes the hopes to meet a cutie diver from the ship, or any other diver from the ship. There are two other cruise ships that made port this morning; Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) and a Holland America ship. I get to the dock to get onto the ship that will take me out to the dive spot. I meet Ted from Arizona who is the single diver from the NCL ship. He is an older ex-navy guy, and fairly friendly. We hang out while heading towards the dive spot, which is about an hour and a half boat trip from Puerta Vallarta. The view, the location, etc just reminded me of going to Catalina as the port looks like Long Beach and it takes over an hour to get to the dive spots.


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Starting to develop cabin fever….

Nothing special today as all I did was just run on the machines in the gym. I was woken up after a nice 4 or so hour nap from the previous night. Went to eat a breakfast that consisted of fresh fruit. I downed a bunch of bananas because I was planning on running so I needed the potassium boost. Then it was a quick walk around the deck to help digestion and I hit the gym. Ran about 3 miles, rested, and did the stairs from the top deck to the bottom deck of the ship, about 9 floors. Heh, then I went to the casino to cool down.


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