Nothing special today as all I did was just run on the machines in the gym. I was woken up after a nice 4 or so hour nap from the previous night. Went to eat a breakfast that consisted of fresh fruit. I downed a bunch of bananas because I was planning on running so I needed the potassium boost. Then it was a quick walk around the deck to help digestion and I hit the gym. Ran about 3 miles, rested, and did the stairs from the top deck to the bottom deck of the ship, about 9 floors. Heh, then I went to the casino to cool down.

There I hung out at the three card poker table watching Johnson play and the random people that come and go, dropping off their money with the dealers. There was a loud Texan lady that squealed in delight when anyone gets a good hand, and she plays the game blind (folks that understand three card poker will understand the term). So she’s sitting there playing, an older gentleman is just dropping hundreds of dollars and getting drunk while at it. This is different from Vegas and Tahoe, the drinks here cost about as much as they do in your run of the mill meat market club – so it’s just odd to see people drink so much. Johnson gets up to pee so I take over for a bit, until comes back. I go hang out with mom who’s just planted herself in front of the penny slots. She’s trying to explain the means to win and such, and I couldn’t be bothered. Watching Keith and others play similar slots in Tahoe; I never took the time to understand that then either. I wander around a little more and head back to the three card table, and Johnson gets up again and I take over. I think I actually won him some money.

The husband of the loud lady (Gina is her name; I know here name because ALL the dealers know her) is there, and then their niece shows up to play as well. The niece has a beautiful rack. Good thing the coast line of Baja California was right out the windows so I can sorta pretend like I’m staring at the amazing coastline… I play till about three and head up to eat lunch with everyone. After lunch we head to the card table room to play more Big 2. There are four other Cantonese speaking Chinese people there playing Hong Kong style Majhong. Earlier when I passed by the card room, there were two Majhong tables… yeah, way to keep that stereotype going strong. We ignore each other like most Chinese people do and just play. There is an event that my mom and her friend want to attend so they take off, and Johnson heads back to the casino. I’ve rested enough so time to hit the gym again.

Up the stairs I run and back into the gym and I run for another mile and a half. I go for a short cool down walk and head to the 11th deck, I see three teenagers shooting a basketball. The basketball court is here enclosed in a square net. This makes taking any sort of an arching shot impossible as the net rests just above the baskets. Lovely design. One of the kids is a halfer (Asian and white I guess – he has an older sister that is fairly hot, but she’s probably under 18 as well) that I sorta talked to on my runs the previous night. So I ask if the three want to do a quick two on two. Holy hell I am once again reminded that I’m fat and old… but running has sorta helped me keep some sort of stamina to keep up with these kids that I am well over twice as old. The kid I play with isn’t too quick to see the posts, picks and rolls, and quick pass…. and he cannot shoot for shit. I quickly tire out but manage to finish the game. We lose, but only by a point or two. If I keep up my workout regiment, I should be able to handle them much better come the end of the week.

A quick shower and I sit in the room to cool down. That basketball really overheated me, I really shouldn’t have done it right after running. I head back down and my mom and Johnson are back in the casino, wow, big surprise there. We head to dinner, which was quite nice today. I run start to run into the random week long single serving friends. No workout tonight, as I went to the karaoke lounge and just watched people sing. I took a few videos of some of the better singers. I’ll post them up once I get them formatted and uploaded.

So walking back towards my room, I hear someone call my name, I look and it is that 17 year old waving at me from the hot tube where he is there with three other 16 year old or so girls. I go down to chat with him and he’s telling me of his exploits; which is your typical teenager with raging hormones and dumb teenage girls with similar raging hormones. Yeah, the boat is nothing but folks over 40, teenagers running around trying to play genital tag, and folks my age that are all couples, getting married, or engaged. Hooray, I get to go scuba diving tomorrow…

Demographics here are just not my type. Most folks close to my age are just frat boys with their respective sorority girls… if only I had a high powered rifle….Yep, I’m quickly becoming creeping single Asian guy… Well, at least I can scuba. That damn tropical storm better stay the f away from Cabo or my scuba trip on Friday may be tits up (it’s a military term, look it up, but it shouldn’t be hard to figure out).

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  1. Brian Dunavant

    So far the hurricane looks like it’s going to get on Saturday so you might be in luck. There’s probably going to be some waves though.

  2. GameraBaenre

    Yeah, Norbert got upgraded to a hurricane today, and is heading towards Cabo, so the ship’s captain changed the plans, and we’re hitting Cabo Thursday instead of Friday to completely avoid the stupid failure of a movie that is Eddie in a fat suit and a wig. But I will be diving Cabo, read the latest post :D

  3. "charlie"

    so far from reading about this trip…the 3 main things that you’ve done are the gym, eating bananas, and staring at BOOBS !!

  4. GameraBaenre

    Never trust any heterosexual man that tells you he isn’t staring at boobies.

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