Yesterday, I woke up and just felt horrible. I’ve had a slight cough over the past few weeks and overnight, it just got bad. So I went to the doctor and got some nice meds. Then headed off to work to pick up my work computer so that I could finish my projects that had deadlines. I took some of the meds and started in on my office work and finished around 2:30pm or so. I was planning on just crashing after getting my work done, because while working, that’s all I could think of, crashing out. But after work was done, I took some cough medicine, a small amount so that I don’t get completely destroyed mentally. Went out and picked up some ingredients for porridge. The pizza I ate for lunch caused me to pee out of my butt, not the greatest feeling in the world, so I needed to get something less greasy. The porridge was cooking and wouldn’t be done for another 4 hours or so.

Some semblance of energy returned and while looking at my unfinished base, I decided that there were only a few more steps and I’d be done. So the last part of my sick day was spent working on gunpla. Guess that drive to finally finish the project I technically started back in January of last year kicked into gear. Below is the start of the base and the completed base.

Since the last update, I had placed celluclay on only selective areas of the base, but after spraying a gloss black base, the difference between the two sections was too drastic, so some more celluclay is applied. The layer of celluclay must have been fairly thin as it dried after only one day. Once the celluclay dry, more black base is sprayed. The surface looked much more uniform than before.

The entire base was clear coated in gloss for the next steps. After a full day of drying, the tarmac side of the base got some decals. Decal solution is applied and left to sit over night. In the morning (when my cough had turned for the worse) I sprayed a clear gloss over the decals to sandwich them.

At this point, I had just gotten done making the porridge and finished work. With renewed energy, I started on the final stages of the build; finishing the base. Since the base was clear coated in gloss a little enamel based fade is applied to give some dynamics to the base’s tones. The same is done to the the tarmac side. With the fades applied and some slight dry brushing on the asteroid side, a final clear flat is sprayed.

Once the clear flat is dry, the lights are wired together and the final pieces are glued into place. Add the Jegan and then add the Sazabi, and done.

Here are a series of videos taking from different angles to show the blinking lights of the base.

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  1. andy

    I hope your boss see’s this and fires your butt

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