Sazabi Part Deux

Yesterday, I woke up and just felt horrible. I’ve had a slight cough over the past few weeks and overnight, it just got bad. So I went to the doctor and got some nice meds. Then headed off to work to pick up my work computer so that I could finish my projects that had deadlines. I took some of the meds and started in on my office work and finished around 2:30pm or so. I was planning on just crashing after getting my work done, because while working, that’s all I could think of, crashing out. But after work was done, I took some cough medicine, a small amount so that I don’t get completely destroyed mentally. Went out and picked up some ingredients for porridge. The pizza I ate for lunch caused me to pee out of my butt, not the greatest feeling in the world, so I needed to get something less greasy. The porridge was cooking and wouldn’t be done for another 4 hours or so.

Some semblance of energy returned and while looking at my unfinished base, I decided that there were only a few more steps and I’d be done. So the last part of my sick day was spent working on gunpla. Guess that drive to finally finish the project I technically started back in January of last year kicked into gear. Below is the start of the base and the completed base.


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HGUC Sazabi Completed

After weeks of no progress, I had been waffling between making an elaborate base for the kit or just displaying it simply, I finally resulted in doing a simple base. The plans I had would have hidden the kit or taken away too much attention from all the work that I had put into the sucker. I still had issues with the decals. I have no idea what it is, but something is reacting with the decal/decal setting solution/alclad. The difference from other kits is that I’m using the alclad hot metal red, and I believe that the paint is a bit on the delicate side. Regardless, I had spent enough time redoing parts and running through too many sets of decals. So screw it, time to focus on other projects without having this stupid thing loom over my head.

At the end of the day, the sucker has 28 LEDs wired throughout the kit with the power supply and switch assembly inside the crotch area. The chest was reshaped. The shoulders expanded and some interior details were added. The fuel tanks were extended and some detail was added over the tanks. The arm thrusters were cast with LED to create the small light up thrusters. The waist cables was completely replaced with an internal structure wire, wrapped magnet wire spring, and metal collars that fit over everything. The mono eye was modified added a small metal collar as the eye and inserting a small green LED to light the mono eye. The bottom of the feet were drilled out to add in some thruster details as well as an LED. The leg thrusters and waist thrusters were modified to add in LEDs. The backpack thruster pack was modified to add in three LEDs.

I thoroughly enjoyed the build, but not so much the labor and amount of rework required for ultra glossy finishes.


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March Model Build Gathering

This past weekend was the March Model Build Gathering held at Dan’s (Funaka) house. I brought my Saz over only to discover that the paint under the decals on the skirts I’ve been working on is again being eaten away. I’ve still yet to pinpoint the issue, but I spent my time at the gathering working on wiring up the Saz and trying out a few attempts at fixing the skirts.


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