Interim because I still have decals to deal with that are on order as well as finishing the base. This is a stopping point as ValleyCon is coming up and I want to enter this kit. And these are just a few quick shots I snapped tonight.

At the request of a few people, here are some pictures in low lighting

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  1. Hero

    I’m afraid to ask what happened to the decals on the skirt and propellant tank in the last update? Pretty nice, I gotta say. But I would like to see all the thrusters in the dark.

  2. GameraBaenre

    Yeah, I’ll take a picture with the thing in the dark. Heh, the decals? Same thing that happened to the first set. It’s either I rushed it and the glue or clear didn’t cure enough before I sprayed on more clears causing the paint to get eaten.. Not entirely sure, this hasn’t happened on other kits – and it’s occurring on areas painted with different paint brands.

    I’m following my methodology I used for the shoulder decals. Using future and only future. But this will have ti wait until new decal sheets arrive… but yeah, re-doing things suck.

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