So it’s All Hallows Eve, and normally I don’t do anything. I usually just sit at home, watch tv, build models, or just go out. I went and hung out with some friends tonight. We cooked a few things, and some drinks, and played a bit of rockband. The hour was getting late, so we went to the tables and started carving our pumpkins. The goal was to finish before Halloween officially ended. With my project, the people there believed that I would fail and never finish carving my pumpkin with success. This was my plan, that’s right, a Zaku Head pumpkin carving:

halloween_08 002_jpg.jpg halloween_08 004_jpg.jpg

A zaku head picture was set to gray scale, then posterized using 3 levels that created a black, gray, and white areas. The white areas would be carved through the pumpkin, while the gray areas would have the skin pealed, and the black areas would be the untouched pumpkin. The last time I remember carving a pumpkin was well over 20 years ago. So time to make up for lost time with some experiment with doing a zaku themed pumpkin. Nicky started cutting, Terry started cutting, and I broke out some wood carving tools as well as a paring knife. We were in short supply of knives so we ended up sharing the tools.

halloween_08 008_jpg.jpg halloween_08 009_jpg.jpg

I have no idea what the hell Terry was trying to do. But Angel and Nicky did an Invader Zim theme pumpkin:

halloween_08 016_jpg.jpg

And here is how my Zaku II head pumpkin came out, and yes, I finished with about half an hour to spare at 11:30PM tonight. I think it came out decently, at least for my first foray into carving pumpkins with any sorta of goal of getting something semi recognizable. Well, if I squint, it looks like a Zaku’s head….

halloween_08 011_jpg.jpg halloween_08 018_jpg.jpg

And here are the three pumpkins lit:

halloween_08 022_jpg.jpg halloween_08 025_jpg.jpg

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  1. Manny

    That Zaku II jack-o-lantern is badass!

  2. Matt

    I love the Invader zim one!!

    …Oh yeah and the Zaku II kicks ass dude.

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