HOORAY! I’m finally done with her! I went out and bought some new back backgrounds for the new photography style I’ve been using. Here are a few quick close up shots. More information and pictures after the jump.

kanu1_6 053_jpg.jpg kanu1_6 096_jpg.jpg

I carefully put Kanu together tonight and while setting up for pictures, I noticed a couple of little bumps in the surface of the robe. Apparently, I didn’t sand this section well, so I took the usual sanding implements and went to work. I then repainted the spot with the base coat of intermediate blue followed by the Finisher’s pure white. Once that was done, I put everything together and started taking pictures. I’m still experimenting with my new photography method that employs the camera’s flash. I added a very black background that I picked up from one of my local art stores today. And after months of delays, set backs, loss of motivation, etc, she’s done. Here are some quick all around pictures.

kanu1_6 008_jpg.jpg kanu1_6 009_jpg.jpg kanu1_6 010_jpg.jpg kanu1_6 011_jpg.jpg

kanu1_6 015_jpg.jpg kanu1_6 031_jpg.jpg kanu1_6 036_jpg.jpg kanu1_6 040_jpg.jpg

For some of the close up pictures, click here.

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  1. gundamjehutykai

    congrats on another great piece of work! I think the face is a little funny but that’s due to the sculpt, something we can’t change.
    Fantastic paint job as always!

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