It’s now one month away from SCGMC 2015! We are very excited because it’s our 5th year, we have a huge new venue, AND there’s the 1/144 city diorama theme. It will be damn cool to see all the dioramas put together to create one giant 1/144 city. We’ve got Feddy and Zeon shirts for sale on this site for the past several months but as an added special only available at this year’s SCGMC, we added a new shirt that is Char themed. The red Char shirt will ONLY be available at SCGMC 2015 and we only have a limited number of these shirts. During our bi-weekly broadcast, the guys teased that we would announce something special for SCGMC this year, and one of the comments screamed something to the effect of, “Great, now TGG is going to do a P-TGG thing”. The price for the Char’s shirt is going to be the same as the Feddy and Zeon shirts. But again, there will be limited numbers and only available at the show. We have sizes from Small through 2XL.

tgg_zeonic_2015 tgg_feddy_2015 char_shirt_scgmc_2015 003_JPG

The new shirt is a dark red with Char’s Zaku head, noted by the commander fin and being 3x faster. The shoulder emblem is Char’s insignia. And judging from the reaction on Facebook, there seems to be some good interest in the shirt. Alas, one can never have too many Zeonic shirts!

This past weekend was our monthly build gathering held at Dan’s new house. There is no build gathering for November since we have SCGMC on November 14, 2015. As a group, Those Gundam Guys are just a bunch of goofballs. As we’re mindlessly sanding, clipping, and snapping kits; some of the strangest ideas are thrown around. Earlier in the week, I had made a joking comment to Angel about being done with TGG; for which he responded that we are all in this for life. TGG 4 Lyfe!! We got our Char’s shirt at the build gathering and with our new TGG mantra, we started throwing ideas for next year’s T-shirt design. Dan was also pumping out the group Run the Jewels which coincidentally are playing in Pasadena this Friday (OCt 16, 2015). The natural progression lead to recreating NWA’s Straight Outta Compton album cover with gunpla…


The idea didn’t really work out as a T-shirt design, but since we are at a month out before SCGMC, it should work as a marketing picture; so we set up a plan to meet back at Dan’s on Monday with some of our completed MG Zeon kits (keeping with the idea of the gunpla thug) to snap some pictures and recreate the album cover. Saturday night, after the BG, wanted to go a quick test with some 1/144 kits and ended up with this:


So with the logistics sort of thought out, we met up yesterday with some MG kits and snapped pictures. Anyone can snap pictures with phones and such; but there’s something to be said about setting up a special shot. There were lighting issues, the sky was starting to darken, the cloud cover didn’t help this either, and being outdoors with the humidity and in the grass, we were being eaten by little gnats.

To set this shot up, we needed a glass base set up off the ground so that we can shoot upwards. The inherent problem with this is lighting. It’s never a good idea to take pictures against a bright light source. The subjects should have lights on them, not behind them. So Dan set up a glass pane over some tv table stands and we set up a bunch of lights under the setup to point up at the kits.

We snapped over 50 pictures combined and settled on only a handful. These two were part of that handful.

But after some edits in gimp, we have the following promotional picture.


That said, we’re all very excited for this year’s SCGMC. All the necessary information for the show can be found in this post: SCGMC 2015

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