I got the parts cleaned up and washed. Then onto some skewers and the priming starts. Once the primer is dry, the parts are checked for mistakes and parts that need attention are sanded, puttied, resanded, then reprimed. Once everything looks good, the first layers of paint will go onto the parts.

Also in this post, because the Grim’s clear “eye” piece is done in a clear pink, that clashes with the color scheme I have planned, so I decided to make a silicone mold of the original part, and make a clear resin copy of the part that I can then tint with a clear paint that matches the overall color scheme.

Here’s a video of the entire process just briefly touched on by the above slide show.

More details on the paint progress after the jump

After all the sanding and build work. The parts have been handled stored away, and just messed with for the past three months. They definitely need a little cleaning before getting down to paint. The parts are first soaked in some industrial cleaner overnight. Then they’re placed in the ultrasonic cleaner with some water for a scrubbing session in ultrasonic bubble cavitations. They are laid out to dry for another day, then skewered and ready for primer.

Once primed, and areas with issues fixed and reprimed; the parts get their first coats of color. The thruster areas get some metallic treatments with Alclad Magnesium, Alclad Stainless Steel, and some alclad candy electric blue.

The main body parts are based coated with some left over custom purple from the Z’Gok build. The paint wasn’t going to be used, so why not use it as a base tone. Over this, finisher’s pure white is sprayed leaving the edges shaded to a light purple tone. The backpack is sprayed with a light gray tone and the belly part, arms and other bits are painted with light gull gray.

With the white parts done, I left the head alone and went to work on the rest of the white shaded parts. I used alclad hot metal violet and sprayed a light coat to just turn the part purple. Here’s the start of the kit coming together for a quick photo shoot.

Here’s what the kit looks like so far. I still have tons of detail work, panel lines, possibly some decals, and the weapons need to get completed. But the kit is coming along. I used clear yellow over white on the larger shoulder to break up the color scheme a bit; I think it works; but who knows, I’m color blind!

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