It has been a few months since I started up on this project and I’ve been getting a little work on it only at the monthly build gatherings. With Sena recently completed, I decided against starting up another figure project to focus on this one and just get the damn thing done. Prior to the Sena videos, I actually started using my cameras to capture the Grimoire build. I was still working out the set up that I think I’ve nailed down towards the end of the Sena series.

Here’s what the kit looks like currently.

Here’s the video for the head modifications as well as adding an LED to the head and wiring everything together.

More details about the current progression as well as the other video after the jump.

I edited the video files from December of last year and early January along with some new footage I took this week and created two new video files. The first video shows the unboxing and the start up work on the kit that quickly runs through snapping, sanding, and seams in the first half of the video. Most of the items are glossed over as I’ve done other focused tutorials on the subjects. The second half of the video shows some of the mods and goes into a little bit of detail on how things were done.

I had gotten the upper thigh pieces extended by cutting and adding styrene to the middle. Here, I puttied, sanded, and primed to check the surface for defects. I still need another sand, putty, and prime session to finish up the surface prep for the thigh pieces, but I’m working on final clean up for the kit in general so I’ll just wait and do it all at the same time.

I finalized my modifications removing some decisions I had made earlier and refining a few areas here and there. And I got the LED added to the eye piece.

I added some details to the gun.

At the February build gathering, Funaka brought his snapped Grimoire and it was completely out of the box, so I took it and took some side by side pictures.

This final picture is the internal area of the upper torso where I added in the reed switch and battery assembly; so everything is nicely tucked away and self contained.

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