This is a conversion kit for the MG Hi Nu Gundam put out by Vicious Project, a Korean based sculpting group. I started this project a few months ago, but got side tracked with the urge to complete a few figure projects first. Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I can move this kit back to the top of the pile and work to finish it. For the last couple of months, only the torso and head were snapped. I finished snapping the rest of the kit over the past two days. This is an important step as it lets me see potential issues with the kit that I can fix prior to completing the kit. I also get a better idea on how to plan out the build progression. I have a lot of left over plastic from this kit, as the conversion kit pretty much replaces all the exterior armor pieces, including the shield.

The casting quality looks very nice.  Ipm not sure about some of the decisions that Vicious Project made for some of the major joint areas, but I’ll fix/modify those as i come across them.  I’m also debating if I want to make the kit fixed pose or leave it with the current mobility.  It is pretty resin extensive, so weight may become an issue.  I’ll leave the fixed or free pose question for later.  Now the ever fun task of surface prep must start.

Click here for the progress page.

hi_nu_conv_prog%20003_jpg.jpg hi_nu_conv_prog%20001_jpg.jpg hi_nu_conv_prog%20002_jpg.jpg

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  1. GMobile17

    I’m looking forward to see your finish work with this guy. Think the VP conversion corrected the look a bit from Bandai’s original kit.
    btw… and plan to beef up the kit even more with customized parts?

  2. gamerabaenre

    I’ve been thinking about that, but I also want to finish this in time for this month’s contest over at <-- Fed vs Zeon, and currently, the Zeon entries out number the Fed close to need to even up the odds with some Feddy kits. Making an update post so I'll write more in there... :D

  3. GMobile17

    Funny how so many people are into Zeons but Bandai insist in making mostly Gundams.

    Zeon rules… Feddies drool! LOL

  4. Haro

    Can you tell me Vicious Poject web site….
    Want to order a kit from them. Thanks

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