Gurren Lagann (天元突破グレンラガン)

Yoko (ヨーコ)

Yoko’s Done. She’s rather large so photography wasn’t the easiest task, so I only took a few.

Click here for the completed page with more pictures.

Click here for the progress page.

pearl_yoko%20001_jpg.jpg pearl_yoko%20004_jpg.jpg pearl_yoko%20006_jpg.jpg

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  1. gia

    God, I’d love that figure. Shame I’m hopeless on painting! ;)

  2. gamerabaenre

    With a little patience, it becomes pretty easy to paint. I actually enjoy the painting process the most as you get to see the project progressing.

  3. fred

    Hi there really nice work on Yoko! Im kinda interested to build one myself. Is this an original resin kit or a duplicate castoff? How can i get a set myself? thanks!!

  4. yokofan

    What? She’s face looks like Gally’s face!

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