Weekend update

This was another busy weekend with the June model build gathering, meeting with the Gunpla World Cup (aka BAKUC) competition sponsors to hammer out final details, and finally getting to finish up the Mitzuki commission repair job. The build gathering was one of the smaller gathering in comparison to the past few months. It was a nice change of pace, I got to spend some time working on my own projects. Manny showed up and brought along a finished Akatsuki kit that he had picked up from the day that we had 200+ kits donated I think he did a damn good job being his second gunpla kit ever.


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1/4 Yoko Revisited, testing out the gallery function…

Well, for the e2046 contest, I retook some pictures of my Yoko.  And when I saw Don (Gluefinger/Resinmonkey)’s photos;  I wanted to experiment with a dark background and dropping the brightness of some of my pictures. I used the lowest ISO setting of 50 and increased the shutter speed to 1/150-1/200 or so.

I’m very tempted to grab that opensource canon mod so I can use an even wider range with the custom photos. And finally, I wanted to test out the gallery function that came with the latest release of wordpress. Click the more link for the pictures.


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