In the past, I’ve done the quick video clips of techniques and had them posted on here, youtube, and over at ThoseGundamGuys. The videos were always rather raw as they were for the most part unedited and just short clips posted in flash at the beginning, then thrown onto youtube. I’ve also done several live panel presentations on the subject of gunpla building at various anime conventions and a few model shows. These were longer sessions of either one to two hours and afforded a different style to presenting the materials.

Since I’ve some free time of late; I started to explore the idea of using a video podcast to bridge the two ideas. I can still present learning materials, but in a long format style. This first episode is about 50 minutes in length. I go over a little bit of the basic building techniques and continue on to show a few modifications that I’ve been adding to my HGUC Dreissen project. Eventually, I plan on adding in a co-host and possibly doing a three camera shoot. I may also drop the length of the episodes to 30 minute chunks. But this all hinges on how well the first episode does and if I actually have an audience. It is an interesting learning curve for video production. Hopefully as I do this more, the process become much less tedious as I become more familiar with the editing software and learn more tricks and shortcuts.

The original video is made at 29 fps, 720 resolution and came out to a nice 11GB file. So the streaming version is considerably smaller and of lower quality. But for now, enjoy and please send me as much feedback as possible.

And for those that want to just download the file as opposed to streaming go here:
Gunpla Podcast Episode 1

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  1. Plamnotaku

    Great! It’s always nice to have some extra content like this to listen to. You’ve helped my model building skills improve. Thanks.

  2. shiro11

    As a guy who has read through your tutorials over and over again this really is a treat.

  3. jiminboo

    Dude, I owe most of my skill set to you :) It’s always great to see tutorials from you, even if they are revisiting basics, love however that you included LEDs mods and scribing, which are not so basic in my book. The funny pop ups are awesome, keep these videos comin’! Thanks for sharing :D

  4. SweetIvy

    Great video I mostly do anime GKs but the tips in this video (and your youtube videos) are quite valuable. And I enjoy your pop up remarks. I’d like to see more videos like this and I’d like a link to the 720p version for my own reference.

    But I’m reallllly reallly looking forward to a airbrushing video! I’ve always wanted to get one but talk about thining and cleaning always got me scared :C I need to get schooled!

  5. Zef

    This is awesome stuff Clement. Thanks so much for posting it and I look forward to more of the same. So helpful for someone new to the game such as myself. I really like the detail you go into and you’ve got the camera’s setup well.

  6. Seibah

    This was a really good and helpful video. Can’t wait for the next one!

  7. Ravhin

    Good stuff. The resolution may be a wee bit too little, though. I had some troubles reading some of the bubbles :)

    But otherwise the content is great. Thanks

  8. Johnny

    Thanks so much for doing this! Haven’t been able to make a build gathering in a long while, but I hope to again someday soon!

  9. GameraBaenre

    There are two new podcasts in the can now… one is about done with the editing, and I just gotta get off my ass and finish it up and get to the third episode. Work and Life getting in the way of gunpla!

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