Jun 132017

For the past 11 years, we at Those Gundam Guys have presented gunpla building panels at Anime Expo. We’ve met so many people, make numerous amounts of friends, seen some of the folks that attend our panel get married to one another. Gunpla is life. This is where we excel. This year, we are once again, granted (no idea how this keeps getting accepted) the pleasure of presenting our two versions of the Gunpla Building Panels. One for all ages, and one that is for Adults only where IDs will be checked (so please get the appropriate wrist bands prior to lining up for the event!) and you will need to shower, scrubbing vigorously to cleanse yourself after the filth that is the 18+ gunpla panel. Some some odd reason, the panels get pretty crowded too, so make sure you plan ahead!

So if you are at Anime Expo on July 2nd or 3rd(and fit the minimal age requirements – read, prep your fake IDs in advance) come check out the panels.

Here’s last year’s panel incase you missed it or need a reminder:

Also, if you wanted to buy one of our TGG shirts we have in our store, we have some on hand for sale there too!

Mar 312012

In the past, I’ve done the quick video clips of techniques and had them posted on here, youtube, and over at ThoseGundamGuys. The videos were always rather raw as they were for the most part unedited and just short clips posted in flash at the beginning, then thrown onto youtube. I’ve also done several live panel presentations on the subject of gunpla building at various anime conventions and a few model shows. These were longer sessions of either one to two hours and afforded a different style to presenting the materials.

Since I’ve some free time of late; I started to explore the idea of using a video podcast to bridge the two ideas. I can still present learning materials, but in a long format style. This first episode is about 50 minutes in length. I go over a little bit of the basic building techniques and continue on to show a few modifications that I’ve been adding to my HGUC Dreissen project. Eventually, I plan on adding in a co-host and possibly doing a three camera shoot. I may also drop the length of the episodes to 30 minute chunks. But this all hinges on how well the first episode does and if I actually have an audience. It is an interesting learning curve for video production. Hopefully as I do this more, the process become much less tedious as I become more familiar with the editing software and learn more tricks and shortcuts.

The original video is made at 29 fps, 720 resolution and came out to a nice 11GB file. So the streaming version is considerably smaller and of lower quality. But for now, enjoy and please send me as much feedback as possible.

And for those that want to just download the file as opposed to streaming go here:
Gunpla Podcast Episode 1