A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a local in regards to potential commission work. I gave the guy a quote but also stipulated that I do build gatherings at my house and that he was welcome to come over and learn. He showed up at my place on the build gathering and brings out the kits he’s interested in having me build. They are old Tekkaman kits from the anime Tekkaman Blade. The kits were produced around 1992 and are now out of production.

The kits were originally 800 yen kits produced by Bandai and since they are currently out of production, they are worth some amount of money for brand new kits. However, knowing Bandai, everything is always re-released eventually. Regardless since they are old kits, there are seams just about everywhere. Hooray for a real model kit! Such kits are good to work on as I’m started to get a little too spoiled by the newer Master Grade and HGUC kits that have little to no seam work.

I started working on the kit at the build gathering. I also took this opportunity to teach the guy commissioning me, some of the basic building techniques – starting with gluing seams. I’ll teach anyone to build for free, but if I have to build the kit for someone, I’m gonna charge and arm and a leg. I got a good number of the parts glued at the gathering. Last night, I finished gluing most of the other two part pieces. There are three pieces that still need to be glued but I need to sand down a few of the ancillary pieces first before attaching them to the other two part pieces such as the main body and upper thigh parts. With everything snapped together, I took the following pictures.

tekkaman_evil_com 001_jpg.jpg tekkaman_evil_com 002_jpg.jpg tekkaman_evil_com 004_jpg.jpg tekkaman_evil_com 006_jpg.jpg

The guy commissioning me only wants this built out of the box; but I’m fighting the urge to throw putty all over the thing and reshape and hide a few issues that are results of 20+ year old model engineering. Regardless, these kits are a nice change of pace from resin figures and Gundam.

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  1. Matt

    Looks good so far. What ever he is paying you, I am sure it worth your time and expertise to get an awesome final model that he can be proud to display.

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